Focus on Calligraphy

Calligraphy is one of our most popular Active Age activities, with two sessions a week at the West Bann Centre, Coleraine.

Our calligraphers enjoy learning and practicing the art of decorative writing in a studio classroom environment.

A skilled teacher provides personal tuition and guidance, whatever the student’s level of expertise.

Other comments from students:

I enjoy the Calligraphy Class, it is good to learn new skills: good for well-being and meeting others.

A group of friendly, helpful people that meet every Friday for Calligraphy class, a chat and a cuppa. Great Learning & Friendship.

I really enjoy the Calligraphy class. It is great to meet other people and join in the fun. I have been attending these classes for many years.

A very efficient caring organisation.

Great teaching. Companionship is priceless. Plenty of fun and laughter!