Adapting to Covid19 and lockdown

The past year has been a tumultuous one for Age Concern Causeway, as it has for us all! Our client group, older people, has of course been most susceptible to Covid19, and justifiably most fearful of its threat.

Before March 2020, almost all our support services involved some personal contact, be it socialising, support groups or one-to-one assistance. The lockdown forced us to radically reimagine and revamp all our activities in light of new legislation and people’s very changed needs. In addition, our shop has had to close for extended periods, resulting in a calamatous fall in income.

Overnight, many of our services were suspended (particularly Active Age). However, we developed and found huge demand for many new initiatives, including the delivery of prescriptions and groceries for those having to self-isolate. We are also making best use of the internet to replace face-to-face gatherings where appropriate, using technologies such as Zoom. Our website Services section details our current range of services, namely Better Together, Making a Difference and Helping Us Helping You.

On the funding side, we are hugely grateful to our funders and sponsors, who have supported us to develop these new initiatives; we have also taken the opportunity to renovate our shop and begin online retailing for electical and higher-value items.

“Due to our staff and particularly extensive team of volunteers, we have continuously delivered our amended services to the community of Causeway Coast and Glens” commented manager, Fergal Quinn. “Our services have never stopped since March 2020. Meeting the needs of our older people is why Age Concern Causeway exists.”