Electrical Donations

We welcome donations of good-quality electrical items which we can resell. However, we are not a museum, a repair shop nor a dump! Please note the following criteria:

Yes please!

Clean, working, easily-resellable electrical items such as audio, mobile phones, tablets, pcs/laptops, kitchen equipment, toys and lamps.

No thanks!

  • Broken items requiring repair (exception: good midi systems with seperate speakers and broken CD/tape facililties can still make excellent amplifier/speaker combinations, especially with the addition of an inexpensive Bluetooth module),
  • Dirty items – if neccesary, please clean items with a damp cloth or similar before donating. DO NOT submerge electrical items in water!!!
  • Items missing vital parts (missing inessential or easily-replaceable parts such as a USB power supply, plug-in mains lead, wire FM aerial or manual is OK),
  • Personal care gadgets such as razors, toothbrushes or hair curlers (unless brand new and boxed),
  • Plastic kettles,
  • Very old TVs or computer monitors (CRT/ SCART/ VGA),
  • Inkjet printers (unless new and boxed),
  • Old IT peripherals (e.g. keyboards, mice, scanners) using obsolete connections such as PS/2, RS232, parallel port or SCSI rather than USB.