Thank you cards

The following are just some of the many cards and expressions of thanks that we have received over the years:

Thank you so very very much for your help

Much appreciated




Thank you for helping us to get our forms filled in…

[T & M]


Your kindness means more than you know.


From [W] and the [F] family

Thank you for all your help in getting me the attendance allowance



Thank You cards

Dear Age Concern Causeway,

Many thanks for inviting the Roe valley 55+ Activity Club to the four sessions of the free MoodScape programme held at Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre, Limavady from November 2016 to January 2017 – which was run by Age Concern Causeway.

Those of us who attended really enjoyed the activities, the healthy lunch and Uma’s Five ways of Wellbeing.

Thank you again.

Yours sincerely,


Club Secretary

THANKS – You made my face a BRIGHTER place!

Dear All,

This is a small token of thanks for all the help the Age Concern office has been to me since 2014, when I first came asking for advice. You helped by sending Michael to fill in my DLA/PiP booklets. Today I received my letter from PiP awarding me the enhanced level in personal and Mobility benefits which are to be ongoing. This will make such a difference to my living standards when I eventually retire. Could someone put Michael’s home address on the enclosed card passing on my thanks. He deserves a medal for the 3 hours each book took to fill in.

Kind regards and many thanks.



To: The ‘A’ Team in Age Concern –

A very big and sincere thank you to each one of you, for a delicious meal and most enjoyable re-union with, and celebration of 40 years of great service to the senior citizens – and others – in the North Coast area. God Bless. Keep up your great work.


Thank you

Thank you so much.


Thank you

Dear Jenny,

Thank you very much for inviting me to the 40th Anniversary of Age Concern [Causeway].

It was lovely seeing all the members of Age Concern again.

I enjoyed the lovely meal and the company. I wish I could get these feet and the leg healed so I could pop in to see you all.

Love [V]

Thank you everyone

For the most generous gift. I used it to buy a beautiful Skagern watch which I had my eye on for a while, and now I have a permanent reminder of you all. Thank you also for the lovely tea party, flowers and meals and for all your good wishes.

Your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated. It has been a pleasure working at Age Concern Causeway and I would really like to thank you for all the good times we’ve had over the last three and a half years. I shall sorely miss you all; especially the ‘dream team’, your friendship and support.

I wish you good health and happiness for the future.

Even though I won’t be in the office every day I look forward to keeping in touch with you!

Thank you once again

… it’s much appreciated.

With best wishes

Love from [G] x

God Bless